Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Glee Review - Home

Wow. What a terrible episode of Glee. I thought I was starting to understand this show. I thought it was a stupid soap opera about teen drama. I can appreciate why people watch stupid soap opera's about teen drama. I enjoy the show. I laugh at the plot lines, and enjoy the music. Then this abomination is aired.

Seriously, instead of continuing any kind of coherent plot, like the one between Rachael and Jesse, or between Finn and Rachael and Quinn and Puck, or between Will and his wife and Emma and that one lady from the rival glee club, they decided to put that all on the back burner and air an after school special. Or, should I say, EVERY after school special. Every single one, ever made, ever.

Was I watching Glee, or Boy Meets World (a comedy well known for having one depressing episode about alcoholism or something like that every season.)? Let's recap:

Mercedes is feeling uncomfortable about her body. Yep, that's an after school special right there.
So she goes on one of those all shake diets. Ooh, there's another one there. I think I saw that on Doug once. Let me see if I can find that episode... *Time passes* Yep, I looked it up. "Doug's Chubby Buddy".

Meanwhile, since two after school specials aren't enough per episode...
Kurt hooks up his father with Finn's dad. Finn has trouble letting go of his dead father, and they both have to learn it's ok for your parents to date, and that it's ok to let go, and that it's ok if your parents pay attention to other people they still love you too, and that they'll always love your other parent... Holy crap, that's like six more after school specials right there.

MEANWHILE BACK AT THE RANCH, The drunk chick (Note: I'm referring to her character not the actress.) from Pushing Daisies is back, making me miss that show even more. Ugh, why can't THAT show still be on air, instead of rubbish like FlashForward? Sorry, bad tangent. Anyways, like I was saying, she's back and she's slightly less inappropriate this time (Which is relative to last time of course.). Will and her have like 3 duets, and I spend the entire episode wondering where Emma went.

Sue says a few funny things, even though she's offscreen for most of the episode... More drama... Oh and then the most unintentionally funny scene in the show so far. So, Finn has put his Dad's ashes into his old chair for some reason that is never adequately explained. I think his family is crazy. Anyways, Kurt's dad comes over to have "A man to man" with him... Quaint. Anyways, they talk, and work things out, it's all very sappy and stupid, and then it happens. They go to sit down and Finn MOVES THE ASHES OUT OF THE CHAIR, SETS THEM ON THE ENDTABLE AND TELLS KURT'S DAD TO SIT THERE. Kurt's dad does it, and then stares at the ashes for a moment. At that moment, I busted out laughing. I couldn't help myself. Screw emotional scenes, you can only go so far before it becomes hilarious. My parents both looked at me like I was crazy when I burst out laughing, I muttered "I'm a horrible person for laughing at that." and then we finished watching.

In any case, I was disappointed by this Glee. It was truly awful, and while it won't turn me off from the show completely, I'm hoping the next episode is better.

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