Monday, April 5, 2010

Darren Chase and the Last Giant Excerpts

For years now, I've had an idea for a book in my head. The story is, without giving too much away, a fantasy adventure set present day. The main idea, is to put a unique spin on the classic fantasy creatures, Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, etc.

The story follows Emily Day, a young woman who, although a very wonderful person, is utterly normal. All that changes one day though, when she has a run in with an odd man named Darren Chase.

The title is Darren Chase and the Last Giant. These are excerpts from the first two chapters.

Note: The following is fairly heavily edited from the actual version that appears in the book, to save continuity, and so as not to spoil several attributes of the story.


Emily Day had short, gorgeous black hair, green eyes, and was very good looking in general. Emily was a wonderful person. The kind of girl most guys would die for. Smart, funny, cute, you name it, she had it. But not in a way that ever frustrated you because she was too perfect. She was more than just that though, she was the kind of person who loved life. She loved fun, and she found fun everywhere.

You know how you always hear people saying they want something better? A better life, more excitement, whatever? Emily never felt like that. Emily always loved the life she had been given, and never really wanted more. Ironic then, I suppose, that she was given so much more.


Emily walked into the building. It was a very big, impressive lobby. She looked around, marble floors, pillars lined the entrance, a wall of windows looking out on the busy downtown street. Someone had spent a lot of money on this, and she was about to talk to him. “He'll see you now.” the receptionist said suddenly, from behind Emily, making her jump in surprise. “Oh! Uhm, thank you!” She said, as the receptionist led her upstairs to Dan's office.

“I understand,” he said in a cool, slick voice, “that you need to speak to me about something?” He said, while eying her over. He had an odd, piercing stare, that felt like he was staring right through you. Emily cleared her throat, and said “Erm, yes..” He made her feel very uncomfortable. “Y-Yes, Mr. Kennedy I-” “Call me Dan.” He said, in an oddly cold way. “Right then.. Dan.. I need to speak with you about some of your, erm, shipments.”

He sighed, and said sarcastically, as if he already knew the answer, “Oh, and what shipments might those be?” Rolling his eyes. “The ones that have been disappearing. We got a tip that some of your shipments have been vanishing, and upon further inspection, it's true. They leave your warehouses, and aren't ever seen again. No one can account for where they've been going.”
“Yes, and?” He said, again in his calm, voice. The way he spoke was unsettling, as though everyone was merely an annoyance. As though he could kill you in a second if he was so inclined. “..And we would like you to account for what's in them, and where they've been going.” “And what if I don't?” He said with a short laugh. “What are you going to do about it?”


“Alright listen here you-” but before Emily could finish saying something she would probably regret, the doors burst open, and a man walked in, with the receptionist following behind him, protesting.

This man seemed like the opposite, of Dan to Emily. Dan gave off a creepy, jerk vibe. This guy, however, gave off a very warm, friendly vibe. He wore a T-shirt, with a brown jacket on over it, and jeans. He had messy brown hair, and brown eyes. He stood just a bit taller than Emily, and, though he wore a serious look on his face, you could tell he had a face that smiled a lot. Or used to smile a lot, in any case.

“Mr. Kennedy, I'm sorry, I tried to stop him but he insisted that he had to see you even without an appointment!” The receptionist said. Dan now wore a look of surprise on his face upon seeing the man. “That.. That's quite all right. Mr. Chase is always welcome here, appointment or no.” The receptionist left, and Dan spoke. “Well.. Darren. What brings you to New Yo-” “Cut the crap Dan. You know why I'm here.” The man, apparently named Darren said, abruptly. Emily liked this guy, she didn't know who he was, but he caught that jerk Dan off guard, so he couldn't be half bad.

Dan paused for a second, and before saying, “Always the conversationalist. Yes I suppose this was inevitable. I didn't expect them to send you though.” This sentence seemed to tick Darren off, for some reason. “Who they send," Darren said, angrily "Is none of your business. All that should matter to you is telling me what was in the shipments.”

At this point, Emily had had enough, and interrupted. “Listen here! I don't know who you are, or why you're interested in the shipments, but you've got some explaining to do. Both of you!” Darren stopped and stared at her, before saying “Oh, I'm sorry, how rude of me, my name is Darren. Darren Chase. And you are?” Emily stared at him. “I'm, um, Emily Day, but-” “Nice to meet you Emily!” he said with a grin, before returning to Dan “Now then, now that that's out of the way, the shipments! What's in them Dan?”


That was where things got weird. Dan shot out his tongue, which was several feet long. Emily just stared at it, which I can't recommend doing if you're ever in the same situation. Dan reached it out and wrapped it around the gun, pointing it at her.
“Sorry my dear, you really should have left when you had the chance.” Dan said, slightly distorted because of his tongue. “What are you.. How did you..?” Emily said, unable, at this point, to form full sentences.

“Listen, Dan, she doesn't know anything, you can just let her go..” Darren said. “No, it's too late for that. I can't risk her piecing it all together.. As unlikely as that might be.” “Wha- How...?” Emily said, wide eyed in terror and confusion.
“Goodbye Ms. Day, I'm sorry it had to be like this.” Emily closed her eyes, tight as she could.


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  1. Haha this was great, loved the cliff hanger at the end. Keep it up!