Thursday, April 22, 2010

TOR Playable Species, What Is And Isn't Possible.

So. I like the Knights Of The Old Republic games. Specifically, I like KOTOR1. I didn't think the second one was very good compared to the first. But that's because Bioware left the series and the second one fell into the hands of others. It was good, the gameplay was a step up from the first, but overall the writing, which was the big draw of the first game was not.

So I'm very excited for the new MMO sequel to the games, "Star Wars: The Old Republic". So much so, that I've become a semi-active member on the TOR forums. My name is Zuldim, in case anyone cares to look me up on there.

Now, there's been a lot of talk on there, because while a lot has been reveal on the game (scheduled for Spring 2011 release), playable species have not. They've been confirmed to be in the game, but no specifics have been given. I've seen a lot of speculation on what species will and will not be in the game, so here is my opinion on what is likely, what is possible, and what is unlikely. (Most of my research was done on wookiepedia)

*Spoilers for KOTOR and KOTOR2 follow*

Likelyhood: Confirmed

Twi'lek played a big part in KOTOR, are widely popular with fans, appeared many times in the movies, are known to have connections with the force, and can speak basic. I would be shocked if they were not playable.
Likelyhood: Almost a given.

Zabrak AKA Iridonians
You had an Iridonian companion in KOTOR2, Bao-Dur. Iridonians are well known because of Darth Maul, and they can obviously have a connection with the force. They can also speak basic.
Likelyhood: Probable.


Everyone loves Wookies! Unfortunately, they cannot speak basic, due to their physiology, and all the classes are confirmed to have the same voice for each race. All classes are also confirmed for each race, and Wookies cannot have a connection with the force.
Likelyhood: Highly unlikely.

Gand are a popular fan favorite among the TOR forums, but they're relatively unknown outside of the hardcore KOTOR fans. They can have a connection with the force, and speak basic (I think) though.
Likelyhood: Unlikely.

There is only one Jawa known to have had a connection with the force, or be able to speak clearly for that matter. It's possible they could be in as the "short race" ala Dwarves in WoW, but they only ever wear those same robes, so armor would be a problem.
Likelyhood: Very unlikely.

In KOTOR Manaan, homeworld of the Selkath was an entire planet you visited. I liked Manaan, and the Selkath were kind of cool I guess, but they really seemed to value neutrality. They've been known to have connections with the force, but I don't recall one ever speaking basic. They may have given up neutrality in the past 400 or so years since KOTOR though, and it's possible some can speak basic and choose not to.
Likelyhood: Possible.

Droids can't use the force, and cannot have a moral compass with which to make decisions.
Likelyhood: Not gonna happen.

Rakata AKA "The Builders"
The Rakata were one of the first races to discover the force, and used it to conquer the galaxy with unspeakable acts of evil (they were the ones who turned Tatooine into a desert planets, from the lush planet it used to be). Eventually, however, the dark side corrupted them, and they fell. Since then, only a few remain, they have regressed to tribal days, with little to no technology, and have lost connection to the force.
Likelyhood: Extremely unlikely.

Kel Dor
Kel Dor can speak basic, and use the force. The character narrating the timeline videos that are being released is a Kel Dor, which could be interpreted as a hint. The only thing about this is that they aren't well known enough.
Likelyhood: Possible

Other races not worth mentioning: Tusken Raiders, Ewoks, Sarlacc (THAT WAS AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE AND YOU ALL KNOW IT), Whatever the heck Yoda is.


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