Saturday, April 3, 2010

Doctor Who Review - The Eleventh Hour

Warning - The following contains spoilers for Doctor Who S5 Ep1, "The Eleventh Hour". It will air in America on April 17th. If you have not seen it, and do not wish to be spoiled, do not read the following.


Ok, any skepticism I had about Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor is now gone. This episode was freaking AMAZING. Jaw dropping, heart stopping, Doctor Who AWESOME.

And yes, I know it hasn't aired in America yet, so for the sake of the argument, let's just say I flew to England to see it.

When we last left off, David Tennant had just left, and Matt Smith had just become The Doctor. Only to find that he was crashing to earth. This episode picks up right from there, with him crashing towards Earth. After an opening of him crashing, they cut to a scene of a little girl, Amy Pond, praying to Santa... Which was odd. But ignoring that, she's praying about a small crack in her wall, which she says she hears thing through.

Suddenly, the TARDIS crashes outside her window, and she runs down, to meet The Doctor. She asks if he's here to fix the crack, and he begins to have chest pains, and glow, a side effect of the regeneration. She is ok with this, because she's a pretty cool 8 year old. He takes a look at the wall, and hears the words "PRISONER ZERO HAS ESCAPED". He explains it's not a crack in the wall, it's a crack in the fabric of reality, and opens the crack completely, where a giant eye stares at him, before he closes the crack completely.

He figures out that the prisoner zero has escaped onto earth through the crack, and that it's using a perception filter, which is awesome because I love the perception filter concept. Before he can do anything else, he hears the TARDIS, and runs to it, explaining that it'll explode if he doesn't take a trip to stabilize the engines. She asks how a box can have engines, and he explains that it's not a box, it's a time machine. She asks for a ride, and he says it's too dangerous, and that he'll come back in 5 minutes and give her a ride.

12 years later... He finally arrives.

Without spoiling too much of the rest of the episode, suffice it to say that it's The Doctor, still being The Doctor, and doing what he does best. Running. A race against time to save the earth.

The change in directors from Russel T. Davies, to Steven Moffat definatly shows, and the episode has a creepier feel than some of the old Russel T. Davies episodes, staying in line with Moffat's other episodes, such as Blink, and Midnight. But it's still Doctor Who, and feels like Doctor Who, just a little different.

All in all, it was amazing, and I can't wait for next week's episode. The overall story arc they've introduced seems pretty interesting.

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, you've got me. Now keep it up.

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