Friday, April 9, 2010

8 Reasons Modern Warfare 2 is One of the Worst Things to Happen to Ever Happen to Gaming

I don't try to lie about it, I'm a video game snob. I'm not especially humble when it come to... Well, most things. But video games especially. So when a game comes along that single handedly sets back the medium several years, and is so successful it sells, in Yahtzee's words, 3.7 copies to every mammal in North America, it kind of upsets me.

That's the case with Modern Warfare 2. A game so mindbendingly terrible for the industry, that my only explanation for how it sold so well is that people saw it's awfulness, and forced their brains to tell them it was actually the greatest thing ever, to avoid believing something so terrible could possibly exist.

Allow me to tell you exactly why.

1. It's an FPS on the console.

This one will probably be argued against, but seriously, there are two types of game that have no business being on any console, and those are RTSs, and FPSs. If I'm going to play either of those, I need the precision that a mouse and keyboard can give me, not the borderline archaic scheme that comes with a controller. Any FPS on a console should be ignored, and instead purchased on the PC. Which brings me to point 2,

2. The PC version has no dedicated servers.

Dedicated servers are also pretty much necessary for FPSs to work. What a dedicated server is, is basically a server that is always up, and is also much more stable. Without it, you can't bookmark a server, and lag will always be an issue, which screws up FPSs even more than a controller scheme.

3. You've played the exact game dozens of times before.
A podcast I listen to, Octale and Hordak Vs. The World, refers to MW2 as "Ghost Recon 19". While it may just be a joke, it's not inaccurate at all. The EXACT SAME GAME has been being released for years. There's nothing unique about MW2 at all. Nothing. It's the same game that's been being released for years.

4. Trying to get into FPSs? Pick something else.

I'll admit it, I suck at MW2. I didn't buy it of course, I have standards, but a friend did bring it over to my house a few weeks back, and I played for a couple hours. Speaking as someone only skilled in FPSs AT ALL when they are on the proper system, that is, the PC, I think I got about 2 kills in the span of around 2 hours. It was like trying to break down a brick wall with my forehead. All I got from my attempts was a headache.

5. Team Fortress 2 is a much better game.

TF2 is by far the best FPS on the market. The main reason? It's something different. In a world of brown FPSs, came the little gem from Valve, my favorite gaming company out there today. (Who also came out with another one of my favorite games of all time, Portal.) TF2 is class based, but not in the way that MW2 is, by that I of course mean it isn't, instead certain classes have strengths and weaknesses, unique ways to play, and different ways to be countered. And the best part? They're all a whole lot of fun. Except maybe Scout. Because seriously, screw Scout.

So far, I've explained why it's a terrible game. Now let me explain why it's bad for the industry.

6. 5 Maps, $15.

The recent MW2 Map Pack costs $15. For 5 maps. That is not a good deal. You know how much new maps for TF2 cost? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. TF2 is frequently updated with new maps, modes, and weapons, and you know what? It's all free. That's because the company that makes TF2 isn't scum. Which brings me to the next point,

7. Infinity Ward made it, and even they got screwed over by it.
Infinity Ward are the developers. They made Modern Warfare 2. Activision is the parent company. The own IW. They got the billion dollars that MW2 made. How did they repay IW for making them over $1,000,000,000 off of one game alone? Fear mongering, and shorting people the money they were promised. First, they fired the heads of the company. The two leaders of IW were fired shortly after the game launched, for "disorderly conduct". Then, none of the employees of IW left. Why didn't anyone in IW have any loyalty and leave when the owners were fired for no good reason? Everyone who helped make IW was promised royalties for the game. Those royalties have been delayed indefinitely, in other words, Activision pocketed the money. If anyone speaks up about being shorted on the royalties, they'll be fired for disorderly conduct as well, and good luck getting any royalties then. Isn't that illegal? Probably, but it's complicated, because they aren't outright being SHORTED the money... It's just being delayed indefinitely. Disgusting isn't it?

8. Bobby Kotick

This is the man responsible for screwing over IW, and is also the man responsible for most of what's wrong with gaming right now. Bobby Kotick is the C.E.O. of Activision. This is the man who said he wants to take all the fun out of game development. Because an employee who hates his work, and life, is a good employee! This is also the man who said he raised the price of MW2 by an extra $10, why? Not so they can support the game for free, obviously, but instead because he can. This man is not a good person.

There you have it, 8 reasons you should hate MW2 as much as I do. Too bad that if you're reading this, you already own 3.7 copies, statistically. I don't like the cliched phrase, vote with your dollar, but seriously people, we cannot allow this kind of thing to pass. If you bought MW2, I hope you know you contributed to killing gaming. I might sound alarmist, but seriously, that's what you are doing. You are killing gaming. I love this hobby, and if you do too, don't buy MW3 when Activision inevitably makes IW make it using thinly veiled threats.

This is not acceptable. Don't support this kind of thing. It's bad.

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