Friday, May 14, 2010

Glee Review - Laryngitis

More like this please.

This episode was really good. Basically it was the anti-"home".

For one thing, the music was excellent this time. Apart from "Kurt's Turn" which I just linked, there were also great covers of "Jessie's Girl", "Lady is a Tramp", among a few others.

The plot didn't really go anywhere this week, other than in circles. Which was fine actually, I didn't mind.

The plot revolved mostly around 3 sub-plots.
1. Rachel gets laryngitis.
2. Puck loses his popularity, and uses Mercedes to get it back.
3. Kurt pretends not to be gay so his dad will be proud of him.

The first plot once again felt like it was falling into the category of forced touching moment. I'd just like to point out, the only storyline that has actually had any touching moments has been the one with Sue and her sister, which just melts my heart. I still maintain my opinion that Sue is the most likable character on the show.

I really don't care about Puck and Mercedes, because we know exactly NOTHING about either character. That's a problem I have with Glee, they expect us to care about these characters, but other than Kurt, Finn and Rachel, we don't really know anything about the other characters. Meh.

Meanwhile, Kurt's storyline included the single most awkward scene I've ever seen in a TV show ever. He pretends to not be gay so his dad will be proud of him or whatever, so he brings Brittany home, and starts making out with her. Then the awkwardness is brought up a few THOUSAND notches, when he asks her what (wait for it) boys lips taste like. At this point I tried to decide if finishing watching the scene, or killing myself would make the awkwardness end sooner. By the time I had decided, the scene was over though.

So yeah, the plot was meh this episode, and didn't really go anywhere, but I didn't really care, and the music was fantastic.

Next week is the Dr. Horrible crossover episode of course, so I can't wait for that.


  1. So you said that as soon as you decided, the episode was over. What had you decided??

  2. If killing myself or watching through the scene was faster.