Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Prove I Can Come Up With Better TV Shows Than Most Actual TV Writers - Part One

So. Lost is over. No more. Finished. The end.

It was a great show, with a great cast, but where do they go from here? I mean, some of them have proved themselves as some of the greatest actors of all time in this show (Michael Emerson) while others have... Not. (WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALT!)

So I'm going to pitch some ideas for new shows for some of the actors here. You ready? I knew you were.

Michael Emerson

This guy is freaking brilliant. The way he can make anything sound creepy is both shocking, and awesome.

This is what he needs to play into in a new show I'd like to call...

"The Michael Emerson Power Hour"

Think of it as a Monty Python styled show filled with skits, only Michael Emerson PLAYS EVERY ROLL IN ALL OF THEM. They could range from parodies of children shows (Mr. Rogers, as played by Michael Emerson?) to SNL styled parody commercials where he could turn harmless objects into the creepiest thing you've ever seen? Creepy can be funny. All I'm saying.

Terry O'Quinn

The way Terry O'Quinn switched from being John Locke to the MiB so well in seasons 5 and 6, that was pretty darn good acting. That's why I'd like to pitch the new show...

"Where's That Doppelganger?"

The show would be a sitcom about a normal guy, let's call him Brad, who just so happens to live with his evil clone, let's call him Darb, created by his best friend, Zeke, a zany mad scientist. He can't let anyone know about his clone, or else Zeke will be arrested for illegal human cloning. So instead, he lets his doppelganger live with him, and his doppelganger gets a job working at a local coffee shop where ALL OF HIS FRIENDS like to hang out. As such, Brad never actually goes with them, telling them all he's moonlighting as a barista. There would be many episodes featuring zany misunderstandings! SO MUCH POTENTIAL!

Dominic Monaghan

Charlie was a great character. I liked Charlie a lot. What probably didn't occur to people is the Lost spin-off potential from the show, with a show I call *drumroll*

"Drive Shaft"

Imagine a "The Office" styled mockumentary show, following the band Drive Shaft and all about band life. Charlie could reprise his role, and the guest star, and tie in opportunities are endless. Not to mention the merchandising. Oh the merchandising.

Josh Holloway and Ken Leung

COP DRAMA STARRING SAWYER AND MILES. YES. Ok, ok, I can see where this could be problematic considering the fact that *spoiler* they were dead during the whole cop thing, but even if you didn't want to do a direct tie in with it, the idea still stands. A cop drama, starring Josh Holloway playing a cool cop who doesn't play by the rule (We'll call him Shmawyer.) and Ken Leung as his by-the-books partner who is his best friend, and incredibly loyal to him, but is frustrated by the way he... Well... Doesn't play by the rules.


Jorge Garcia

Ok, this one is actually pretty difficult to me. I will always think of Jorge as Hurley. He will forever be ingrained in my mind as Hurley. I suppose if the Michael Emerson Power Hour doesn't pan out, the two of them could always do "Lost: The Ben and Hurley Years" set in the far flung future with the two of them controlling the island, as a new evil tries to destroy ZE WORLD...

Ok, that's a terrible idea. I don't know, but whatever he's in, I will probably watch it just because he's in it.

(Note: None of the above were in any way a joke. I don't care how rediculous the Michael Emerson Power Hour may be, I would watch it every week. And "Where's That Doppelganger" could be a really fun quirky sitcom.
Note 2: I titled this post Part One, because I may have more ideas in the future for incredibly awesome TV shows. Because I'm cool like that.)

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