Sunday, May 23, 2010

The End

*Spoilers. Duh.*

What an ending. Lost, I gotta say, I'm impressed. You know, I've always loved lost. I've always though Lost has been brilliant. But the level of genius of this episode took it to the maximum.

This episode was beautiful, and gave the show a truly satisfying ending. Was every last minute detail explained? No. No it was not. Was the ending powerful and touching? Without a doubt.

This show has known how to do powerful, touching episodes. The Constant is an excellent example. Another is the moment I mentioned yesterday, the scene of Alex's execution. This episode followed up on that theme.

Overall, Lost has been a brilliant show, and I'd argue if you don't like it, you don't understand it. I know that's pretty much the ultimate cop out answer, but Lost has been an epic story of good and evil, love, betrayal, redemption, and ultimately this episode built upon all those themes and more. I love Lost. I will miss it. A lot.

From the first scene of Jack opening his eye, to the final scene mirroring that, Lost has been ingenious. From the idea of the flashbacks to build back story, while still progressing the plot, to the pacing which although slow, looking back was pretty much perfect. It's done things no other show has dreamed of. It's characters have grown on you to the point where, even though at the beginning of the season this wasn't true, at the end of the season I honestly can't say I disliked any of the characters. Even Kate.

Take the character of Sawyer. When the show first started, I couldn't stand Sawyer. As we saw more of his past, and I understood his motivations, he grew on me, and finally in the fifth season, when he and Juliet fell in love, he became one of my favorite characters. Then when Kate returned, and Juliet was convinced Sawyer still loved her... Well, that was pretty tragic.

Or Jack. Watching Jack go from being a broken individual to becoming what he was in the end of this episode... It was pretty cool.

Desmond. Desmond is one of my favorite characters too. You didn't really know what to expect when he first appeared in season two, but by the end of the series, his character had progressed. You cared about if he found Penelope again.

Hurley. Charlie. Claire. Locke. Watching the island change all of them was an excellent thing. Lost may have had good mysteries surrounding it, but the show was always about the characters. The way they built the entire show around the battle between good (Jacob) and evil (MiB), but never even revealed that until this season? Ingenious.

So now the show is over. I'm going to miss it. Lost was certainly an epic tale. Lost was possibly the greatest show of all time. So farewell Lost, it's time to move on. What a beautiful show.


  1. Did you just write an entire post with neither rant nor snark? *Shock and Awe*

  2. The finale was that good.