Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Most "WHAT JUST HAPPENED?" Moments of Lost

Well this is it. Tomorrow is the final episode of one of the greatest TV series in history. Lost has been an epic story. I'm not saying epic in the slang term of "DUDE THAT WAS EPIC!", I'm saying it has been an epic. Lost has been a fantastic story, with fantastic actors, writers, and moments that have made you go "WHAT?"

In fact, it's had a lot of moments like that. A LOT. So I decided to point out the best moments like that from the show.

*Warning: Spoilers follow. If you have not seen Lost and ever plan to, don't read this.*

Pilot - Where Are We?

From the very first episode. Charlie asks the question all of us are wondering, where are they? This is when you begin to realize just what you're getting into with this show. This is one of the most iconic scenes from the entire series.

Man of Science, Man of Faith - Opening

This is one of the best openings to any episode the show had. At first you're wondering if it's a flashback or not, and the moment you realize this is actually the inside of the hatch? Pretty cool.

Live Together, Die Alone - The Four Toed Statue

The scene where they see the Four Toed statue (which never comes into play again until the fifth season) stands out as one of the strangest moments of Lost. Right when you think you know what's going on, BAM. Four toed statue. Where did it come from? Where's the rest of it? Why does it have four toes? These questions stuck around in your head for a long time.

The 23rd Psalm - Smokey

After years of wondering what the monster could be... Oh. Hi. There it is. Right there. Huh.

A Tale of Two Cities - Downtown

Great scene mirroring the opening to season two. The twist at the end is awesome.

The Man Behind the Curtain - Help Me!

Still not sure what happened here, but it was awesome.

Through the Looking Glass - Not Penny's Boat

This moment is as "WHAT JUST HAPPENED?" as it is sad. So, there's a boat off the island, that they're trying to contact, because it apparently belongs to Desmond's girlfriend Penelope. Turns out, that's not entirely truthful. "Not Penny's Boat" is one of those moments that sticks with you as well. Especially with what a great character Charlie was. I miss Charlie. Sigh.

Through the Looking Glass - We Have To Go Back!

So, after years of getting used to flashbacks, doing this as the end of season 3? Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. For the whole episode, you assume it's a flashback. Revealing it's actually a flashforward of them off the island? Brilliant.

The Shape of Things to Come - The Execution of Alex

Embed Disabled

This is the moment Ben went from being evil, to broken. This is the moment I went from hating Ben, to feeling sorry for him. This is a truly tragic, and shocking scene.

Cabin Fever - He Wants Us To Move The Island

Embed Disabled

Oh. Ok.

There's No Place Like Home - He's Coming Too.

Not my favorite ending to a season, but the final shot was pretty good. The shot of Locke in the coffin is pretty crazy.

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham - Life

Oh. Maybe he's not so dead after all.

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham - Death

Or maybe he is.

The Incident - Do You Have Any Idea How Much I Want to Kill You?

After hearing about Jacob for so long, and finally seeing him and the man in black? Great scene. GREAT. SCENE.

The Incident - The Nuke

And that was it. For a year, that was all we saw. That was the last image, burned into our minds. I think this is the best season finale any show has ever done. Ever. It's one of them at least. Not to mention the fact that this was tragic, especially since Sawyer had become such a great character over this season, and Juliet was always awesome.

LAX - Underwater

I'm still not sure if this will have any kind of explanation, but it did make me go WHAT JUST HAPPENED? I'll give it that.

So there you have it. While those aren't all the moments like that, there's too many moments like that to list in one blog post, those are the big ones for sure. Well Lost, you certainly were a great series. I'll miss you.

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