Friday, January 1, 2010

Breaking Down the 11th Doctor Trailer

Alright, let me preface this by saying I am the biggest 10th Doctor fan you will ever find, and I'm seriously going to miss him as The Doctor.

Doctor Who is one of, if not, my favorite shows, and I have not seen, as of the time of writing, The End Of Time Pt. 2. I'm an American so it airs tomorrow night.

However, this lovely little trailer popped up tonight:

Did you see what I just saw? Because I've watched this trailer 4 times now and I'm still in amazement. Congratulations Matt Smith, I'm compelled even further to watch Season 5.

But what's really going on here? Well, let's break it down.

The trailer opening is very nice, as matt stands there asking what the TARDIS has in store this time.

What indeed, as the next few seconds are a roller coaster ride, featuring explosions, swords, and the doctor punching someone. (Looked like a woman to me, but I couldn't tell.)

But then at :08 you see an explosion in The Doctor's hand... And if you look closely, it's his sonic screwdriver.

Now let me say this is probably nothing. He's probably using it for deus ex machina like always.

But, let me put a small what-if into your head. What-if... He doesn't have his screwdriver anymore? What if, in this new, grittier Stephen Moffat era (writer of The Doctor Dances/The Empty Child, and Blink, among others.) he removes the magic wand. He makes The Doctor rely on wit alone, instead of his magical sonic screwdriver. Just a thought.

And then there's 0:11. And that was when I started really geeking out about it.
A bunch of guys are in a cave, or a certain basement with flashlights...

Suddenly the camera turns around, and you better hope none of them start blinking.

That's right. Return of the weeping angels.

Now let me just say I consider Blink the best single Doctor Who episode of the new series. It is amazing. So the fact that the weeping angels are back, that's fantastic.

Now, I suspect that Stephen Moffat taking lead instead of Russel T. Davies has a lot to do with them being back, as I have a feeling Moffat had as much fun writing that episode as I had watching it. I will eagerly await seeing the angels return, and hopefully it'll be it's own episode, heck, I'm hoping the angels can become the first real reoccurring enemies in the new series. So far, think about it, the main reoccurring enemies are:

The Daleks
The Cybermen
The Master

And all of those are classic series enemies. It's about time new Who got it's own iconic enemy.

But, moving on:

From 0:11-0:14 we see vampire ladies, and some demented mask, not sure what either of those are.

But at 0:15 we see this:

Oh yay, more Daleks. Aren't they supposed to be dead or something? Not that I don't like watching Dalek episodes, I just hope they come up with something that at least kind of makes sense for them to be back.

The shot itself shows The Doctor hitting the dalek with a hammer, pretty violently. Quite interesting.

After that we see The Doctor and his new companion kissing.
Then we see some aliens with ray guns, some explosions, another Dalek shot, more swordfighting, and some other various stuff. Then we see some soldier backing up, and some flickering lights, an explosion, in the dark... and well...

More angels! Yay!

Then, what is possibly, but I hope not, the new Doctor's catchphrase:


Then his companion is scared, and he jumps off of something.

Then more montage, and "Coming Spring 2010... The End... Is just the beginning..."

Ooh, The Doctor using a gun. Edgy.
Seriously though, I have no problem with him using a gun, especially if they do take away the sonic screwdriver, which they PROBABLY will not. It's also probably just an editing trick, he may just be shoot a rope lowering a cage full of, uh, I dunno, orphan puppies? Yeah. He's freeing the Orphan Puppies.

Finally: Trust him. He's The Doctor.

In conclusion: Big changes are in store for Doctor Who. It's a darker feel, yes, but that's expected with Stephen Moffat in charge, who's written some of the best new series stuff. I eagerly await to see the new season. Matt Smith has big shoes to fill, but I believe he can fill them. Maybe.

Tune in next time for my review of Doctor Who: The End of Time (Parts 1 and 2)


If I get around to it.

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