Thursday, January 21, 2010

My New Computer is NIIIIICE

So. Let's talk specs.

The only Motherboard on the market with USB3.0
A Quad-Core 3.4 GHz processor.
4 gigs of DDR3
A 400 gigabyte hard drive
A pretty dang good video card.

All of the above are well and good, but how do games play? Really well at max settings, that's how.

World of Warcraft:
In Shattrath City (one of the most deserted areas in the game) I was getting 30fps with Max settings. In Dalaran (the most croweded, overpopulated area in the game) I was getting 20-25fps with max settings on. It spiked up to 60fps at one point in Dalaran.
But idling in the cities is one thing, raiding is quite another. Well, if Sartharion 10 (0 Drakes up) is any indication, looks like I get about 60 fps in 10 man raids.

Runs perfectly in Ultra-High settings.

Tommorow: I test KOTOR 2, and the big one, Mirror's Edge.

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