Sunday, December 20, 2009

This "Blog" Thing

Oh look, I've started another blog I'll update about 3 times before forgetting about it and probably never updating it again.
Not that anyone will ever read it.
But hey, it's the internet, the place where I can go to voice my opinion (which is then drowned out by the opinions of several million other bloggers with no more credit than I have.) so why don't I talk about something? Anything?

Alright, so I saw Avatar today, and let me just say, wow. I can see why he waited ten years to make the movie. The effects in it are amazing, and are proof that the uncanny valley can be crossed.

The uncanney valley, in case you didn't know.

Well, the movie is amazing, and everyone should go see it like, right now. I'm not kidding.

Visually, it's unlike anything you've ever seen (you'll want to see it in 3D, trust me.) and Pandora feels like a living, breathing place. The Na'vi look incredibly life-like, although there were a couple moments where I felt they looked a bit.. uncanny. Even if you hate science fiction, go watch this movie for the visuals alone, and just think of it as a really pretty slideshow.

The action sequences are AMAZING. Like, really amazing.

The plot is the films weakest point, although it's by no means bad. I personally enjoyed the plot, although for a 3 hours movie (2hrs 40mins) it could have explained a bit more, like why the unobtainium sold for quite so much. Oh, and nice, subtle name there Mr. Cameron. Unobtainium? Really? Isn't that like naming the villain of your movie "Dr. Bad"?

Still, for every minor complaint I had about the film, which there were hardly any, there were a million things I loved, such as the GIANT FLOATING MOUNTAINS, or the GIANT TREE, or the FLYING DRAGON CREATURES.

Although I must admit I'm not sure how the hair tentacles work for the Na'vi. Is there a tentacle coming out the back of their heads, covered in thick hair? What if they cut the hair off, would they die or something? The hair tentacles really creeped me out.

So in short, go see Avatar, you've never seen anything like it, I promise.

In other news, the season finale of the best season of survivor ever was tonight, and let me just say, WOW.
There were so many surprises in this season, I just can't see how they can improve after this season.

Or should I say, I couldn't see how they could improve, until the teaser for the spring season for the 20th season of survivor. (Can you believe it's been 10 years?)

It's all-stars 2.

They take 20 of the best survivors from the show, you know, Rupert, Boston Rob, Russel (I dare to hope), Richard Hatch... Wow, come to think of it, all the best players names have started with R.

They take these 20 elite players, and split them into two tribes.. Heroes, and Villains.

Good grief this looks amazing.

So yeah, I probably won't ever update this again, so uh, enjoy, mister imaginary friend.

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