Monday, January 18, 2010

My Computer is a (Dead) Wizard


How about those computer things.

Alright, first things first, my new computer is really nice. Like top of the line nice. Once it starts working, it will be amazing, the fastest computer I've ever seen, top of the line gaming rig.

Unfortunately, I've had some um, minor setbacks. Namely, it powers on, but won't boot up.

But I've been making progress, and I can say with some confidence, that barring any more unforeseen setbacks it should be working by the end of week. (Note: Now that I've said that, it will take at least a month to get up and running.)

Unfortunately, my old computer is dead. As soon as we opened it up, the video card quit on us, the power supply said screw it, and the hard drive crashed. Which is a problem, since a lot of my comic-making resources, and a few writing projects I was working on in my spare time (There were 3 big ones, one about two people who woke up one day, and found everyone on earth had disappeared but them, one is a fantasy story taking place present day, and one is about an amusement park where you kill zombies.), were all on there. Hopefully we can get information off of them, my dad seems to think so anyways.

So yeah, here's hoping I can get my new computer up and running soon.

- Posted from my moms laptop.

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