Monday, January 31, 2011

Movie Review - Knight And Day

I can sum up everything you need to know about this film in one sentence.

Tom Cruise shoots two SMGs at once.

That's all you need to know. That sentence will tell you whether or not you will like this movie.

Knight and Day is a 2010 Action Comedy starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. And GOD KNOWS Tom Cruise needs a good movie. His recent track record hasn't been spectacular. His last hit movie that could actually be called GOOD was... Well... War of the Worlds. And that was 5 years ago (from the time this movie was released).

Honestly the only thing that's really kept Tom Cruise relevant was his string of movies that were hyped and did... Moderately well. Not blockbusters, not flops.

Oh, and the fact that he went completely and totally insane, but that's beside the point.

So Knight and Day was being hyped. MAJORLY. I remember seeing tons of commercials, tons of posters, tons of interviews, tons of publicity EVERYWHERE for this movie... And then it was released and promptly fell off the radar in 30 seconds flat.

So why did this movie perform so poorly? Did it deserve its rapid death? Is it worth seeing?

...I honestly don't know why it did so poorly because I LOVED this movie.

Seriously. This movie is a blast to watch. It's over the top, cheesy, ridiculous, and AWESOME.

Cameron Diaz is the main character June Havens. (Fun Fact: Her character was so bland and cliche that I had to go wikipedia the character name. Yeah.) She is getting on a plane to head back home to her sisters wedding. At the airport she bumps into Roy Miller (Tom Cruise). On the plane they talk, she spills something, goes to the bathroom to clean it off her shirt...

Oh and then Tom Cruise is attacked and kills everyone else on the plane. And it's AWESOME. So then, in a totally over the top sequence he lands the plane in a field... After coasting over the ground for around a minute.

It's absolutely absurd and insane. Seriously, this movie has so many cliches, tropes, and cheesy over the top action sequences (Someone is stabbed in the chest, and then removes the knife and continues the fight sequence. No joke.) that you will either love this movie for what it is, or hate everything about it.

I'm serious. There are a lot of things to criticize here. Like I said, the characters aren't terribly interesting, and the plot is just silly but my gosh it's fun. That's it. It's just... Fun!

As for the acting... Well let's start with Cruise. I loved his performance in this movie. Not because it was his best performance of all time, but because you could TELL he was enjoying himself. Perhaps this is the movie he should continue making. Completely crazy ones, that is. His personality really shines through.

Cameron Diaz performance is ultimately rather forgettable. It's not BAD by any means, it didn't distract from the sheer insane fun that the movie provided, but she didn't seem to have the same energy Tom had. Or maybe that was drugs. I don't know. Could be either really.

Oh and Mark Blucas is in this, and I think this is the only thing (other than one episode of Castle) I've ever seen him in outside of Buffy. (He was Riley on Buffy, in case the name doesn't ring a bell.)

This is a movie that will make you laugh, both from funny jokes and just sheer absurdity. Whether it be landing a plane in a corn field, jumping from car to car on a moving freeway, or whatever else this movie throws at you, if you see this film wanting nothing more than an absolutely insane action-comedy, you'll most certainly enjoy this film. I did.

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